CII UP Water Summit 2020

Economic Growth & Human Development in the context of Water Scarcity

Friday, 04 September 2020 :  (1000 to 1400 hrs) : CII HIVE

Poor water resource management, wide temporal and spatial climate change and pollution have created a critical situation in several parts of the country. A recently released NITI AAYOG report has revealed that about 600 million people in India are facing high to extreme water stress, making the country water distressed. Frequent droughts and floods are adversely impacting over 50% of India’s rain fed agriculture. With 80% water basins being stressed, the country’s groundwater in some places is declining by as much as 3feet per annum.

Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) is organising CII UP Water Summit highlighting crucial links between water availability and development at different levels, a must for India to deal with its water crisis. The theme of the Summit is “Economic Growth and Human Development in the Context of Water Scarcity”. This theme is timely and appropriate given that economic development and water are intimately connected in more ways than one.


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