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Since 1995, the CII Centres of Excellence (CoEs) have enabled the Indian industry to gain the much-needed competitive advantage by providing specialized services like consulting, training and defining and recognizing best-in-class performance. The nine CoEs and the Centre for Digital Transformation have been created with the objective to meet the needs of industry and society through capacity and capability development, nurture experts who are skilled and trained on state of art technologies and build competitiveness of India Inc.

The CoEs work with public and private organizations to build leadership; strategize for sustainability; enhance energy efficiency and become environment friendly; improve water conservation; adopt world class practices in logistics, agriculture & manufacturing management and competence building for SMEs through the cluster approach.

The CoEs work on various themes:

  • Capacity building of professionals through training programs
  • Competitiveness enhancement of enterprises using advanced business tools
  • Promoting sustainability, green business, energy efficiency and water management
  • Providing assessment of efficiency parameters
  • Recognizing and awarding best practices

CII’s CoEs have emerged as focal points and leading change agents for business action. CII pioneered the Total Quality Management (TQM) movement in the country since 1988. In the last two decades, over 3,00,000 people have benefitted from CII’s quality improvement programmes. The CII CoE for Leadership has worked with 868 companies and conducted over 270 training programmes impacting 5200+ participants since its inception in 2009.

CII CoEs working in the area of environment, green business and sustainability have introduced revolutionary techniques for energy and water conservation, developed one of the world’s two most extensive green building programmes, and initiated serious dialogue on effective environmental policies.  200+ water audits have been conducted across industries and buildings with a potential water savings estimated at 170 billion litres.

In 2004, the cluster movement was launched by CII to build competitive and global Indian SMEs and this year, nearly 1000 companies were impacted through clusters, audits, consulting and government supported projects. One of the focus areas for the Food and Agriculture CoE is improving the global competitiveness of India’s agricultural sector by investing in capacity building initiatives and skill development for supply chain participants across the value chain.

The CoEs provide an excellent platform for networking and exploring new growth opportunities through national and international events and missions. They enjoy the trust of 38,856 companies in India and abroad. Collectively, a total of 4,682 training programmes and 97 missions were organized. A total of 827 technical experts gave training and counselling to the companies (as on April 2019).

We invite you to learn about the extensive engagement of CII CoEs and Centre for Digital Transformation in the’ Virtual Exhibition and Conference on CII CoEs: Enhancing Competitiveness of India Inc.