Worldwide the Tourism and Hospitality Sector is very badly affected by pandemic, because of the nature of the business which is related to the travelling of people.

This pandemic has an immediate impact on hotels and restaurants, airlines industries, travel agencies etc.

Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) has been acting as a catalyst in supporting the sectors across the economy to rise from the pandemic by engaging with the Government and Industry to chart out a path for survival.  The Indian Tourism and Hospitality sector has gone through a turmoil during the past five months and as we understand, it has started to recover.

Domestic Tourism is the route to drive recovery, especially with the onset of domestic flight, air bubbles and relaxations in government guidelines and Safety is the key word.

Safety of Travelers; Safety at the hotels; people who are serving; airlines; practices followed internationally; sustainable destination and more.

Against the above backdrop and to celebrate the World Tourism Day; CII is organizing a virtual Seminar  titled " India – A Safe Tourist Destination


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