CII in partnership with Shell India Markets Pvt. Ltd Limited has been hosting a series of Tech Dialogues on various technologies such as Achieving Net Zero via Sectoral DecarbonizationLow Carbon Aviation FuelsDigital Technology and AI Accelerating the Energy Transition

The second session of the series is on Digital Technology and AI Accelerating the Energy Transition scheduled on 16 March 2022 between 1500 – 1630 hrs IST.

The energy industry is going through a double transformation. One is decarbonization, the other is digital transformation. We now know that the energy system will need to change substantially in the coming decades. But what role will digital technology and AI play?  And how do we get there faster?

Join us in the conversation in CII-Shell Tech Dialogue Series, where Dan Jeavons, VP Computational Science & Digital Innovation and Suchi Sanyal, GM, Computational Science will share their vision and perspectives on Shell being at the cusp of this double transformation. They will share examples of how Shell is using digital technology to:

  • Decarbonise Shell’s Operations;
  • Helping to Transform Existing Assets; and
  • Design the Energy System of the Future.

This journey cannot be walked alone – it is also a story of community development, external partnerships and ecosystem leverage, which the speakers will cite examples of, specific to global as well as Indian ecosystem.