CII is organising an Interactive Virtual Session on "Sero Surveillance significance in immunogenicity and safety in pre and post vaccination era" scheduled from 1400 – 1530hrs on 23 December 2020.  

As we are aware, until the vaccine is available to the population or herd immunity develops, there is continued risk of recurring COVID-19 waves across the country and globally. It is therefore critical to have the right strategies in place; This includes, new testing and surveillance methodologies  that will help build confidence across the population and especially secure the health and safety of the working population, who are fundamental to bringing the economy back on track.

To that end, bringing large scale sero-survey in our rural and urban communities, factories, and workplaces will be an important tool to mitigate risks. As an example, recent research indicates that monitoring what is called neutralizing antibodies can be an essential differentiator between high risk and low-risk individuals and help control spread of disease. There could be other global practices that might complement this cause.

Key objectives of this session is to discuss on significance of Covid testing and detections at corporates and other work places - new pathways and  to discuss on cost effective ways of making work places safer and securing/ enable our work-force.


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