While 2020 has been an unprecedented year globally, it has been able to create certain unique opportunities for the real estate sector that are likely to usher in a new era of innovation and digital transformation going forward. The COVID-19 pandemic has necessitated recalibration at a systemic and individual level. The real estate sector has not remained untouched from this recalibration but has shown remarkable resilience in the face of the pandemic. As we continue to learn to live in this COVID era, the year 2021 would require us to reimagine the way we have operated so far.

Taking these thoughts forward, CII in collaboration with CBRE as its ‘Knowledge Partner’ is organizing a national real estate conference on “The REset 2021 and Beyond” on July 21, 2021. This webinar will bring together industry experts to share their thoughts on the opportunities that exist today and what the future holds for the industry as we move forward.


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