The growing appetite of humanity is fuelling a resource deficient economy with impacts of climate change, water scarcity, loss of biodiversity, poor air quality, poverty, health issues and many more. The pandemic along with the amplifying challenge of climate change has demonstrated the urgent need for action for achieving sustainability. In this regard, CII is organising a series of webinars as a run up to 17th Sustainability Summit and beyond that will focus on topics like, Climate Adaptation, Innovation for Decarbonisation, Nature Based Solutions, Sustainable Lifestyle, Water Security, and Evolving Landscape of Non-Financial Reporting. They are organised in partnership with Hindustan Zinc Limited (HZL).

In the series of six webinars, the fourth webinar is focused on Promoting Sustainable Lifestyle on 4 August. At COP26 last year, the Prime Minister of India has presented the foundation of ‘One World’ embracing Lifestyle for Environment (LIFE). Consumers are key to driving responsible consumption through sustainable lifestyle choices. This in turn inspire businesses to create sustainable products and services that minimises the impact on environment. This session will explore how sustainable consumption and production patterns can create opportunities leading that will propagate Lifestyle for Environment.