The current Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted an unprecedented challenge to public health, food systems and work life balance.  Proper nutrition as well as physical activity have been compromised, resulting in poor quality of life.

Lack of important nutrients such as protein in ones daily diet can result in lack of strength, reduced immunity and low energy. Protein as we all know is extremely crucial for mobility and boosting immunity. Without adequate protein in the diet, the body's immune cells cannot function at the optimal level, thus making one susceptible to infections. With limited physical activity and exercise in the current scenario, ensuring adequate protein intake is crucial to maintain lean muscle mass.

Therefore, I am pleased to inform you that CII’s Food and Agriculture Centre of Excellence (FACE) is organising a session supported by Danone to build awareness on “Quality of Life” to educate citizens about the importance of adequate protein consumption for better QoL, health and wellbeing.