ICT East 2020

Emerging Technology - Engine for Sustainable Growth


Technology is changing fast and that is forcing organisations to change the way they used to do business. Digital Technology has become an integral and inseparable component of our lives. Digital technology innovation will help to create a sustainable future for industries and societies at large, by leveraging the connected devices and churning out important relevant information from the exabyte of data these generate. Sustainable development needs to focus on environmental protection, social development and economic progress. Emerging technologies are taking active part in the creation of sustainable future. This is high time to delve into emerging technology stack and leverage the most applicable technologies to restructure business strategy to move towards sustainable growth. 

The recent outbreak of the nCOVID-19 pandemic round the world instigated the largest research ground for various startups to come up with innovative solutions using emerging technologies. Artificial Intelligence (AI) was used to identify disease outbreaks as well as forecast their nature of spread. As COVID-19 raced around the world and major cities in the continents started declaring states of emergency to tackle the outbreak, it implied that the time has come to dust off and update your business disaster recovery plan. 

Keeping this in context and with the aim to come up with better innovations for preparedness to combat more such pandemics, CII Eastern Region is hosting the 19th edition of ICT East on 23-24 September 2020. The conference wants to inform industry at large to how to use intelligently the emerging technology suitable for individual industry to achieve sustainable growth in near future.



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