The covid pandemic and recent frauds in the governance domain have sent out strong signals of caution. Issues of continual challenges that organizations face in the real world despite legal frameworks in addition to the global regulatory challenges and uncertainty have come to the fore. Under these circumstances, governance and risk management of frauds has emerged as a critical imperative. Against this backdrop, CII is organizing the Conference on “Corporate Frauds: Governance and Risk Management on 7-8 October 2021. This is in partnership with National Foundation or Corporate Governance (a Ministry of Corporate Affairs led initiative). The Conference will be a 2 day engagement with stakeholders including Regulators; corporates; investors; risk professionals; governance professionals; cyber specialists and fraud and forensic professionals.

The Conference will focus on the following key themes:

  • Governance and Risk: Responding to challenges
  • Changing dynamics of third-party risks and reputation diligence
  • Role of the Board in governance, risk management and reputation building – including ESG and Cyber risks
  • Growing corporate fraud and need for independent investigations

We invite you and your colleagues to participate in the Summit.


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