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28 May 2021, 10.00 Am to 05.15 Pm  |  CII Hive - Digital Conference Platform

Global ecommerce is poised to reach 18% of retail sales during this year. This is significant indicator of potential demand and calls for immediate action to adjust ecommerce and retail supply chain configurations. Recent reports indicate that key reason for people to shop online is free delivery. Partnerships with third party logistics service providers are increasingly becoming strategic.

The growing trend of warehousing space absorption by third party logistics service providers and ecommerce distribution centre is one of the prime growth drivers of Indian logistics sector. Warehousing infrastructure providers have greater role to play in elevating industrial building quality to global standards. The size of operations necessitates higher degree of automation and digitalization.

Value addition, especially in ecommerce fulfilment centres is key focus area. May it be advanced mechanization approaches or innovative packaging methods, there is greater scope for improving productivity and efficiency. Compliance to sustainability and safety principles and policies is now a global norm.

The differentiator in increasingly competitive ecommerce and retail sector is the ability to deliver. Tech savvy, knowledgeable customers and partners are now seeking innovative real-time location-based services.


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