"Insights on Medical Examination of Food Handlers in Food Businesses for Food Safety as per Food Safety & Standard Act, Rules & Regulations,2011 Schedule 4"



Foodborne illness puts the health of millions of people’s  in jeopardy. According to WHO food business illness affect 1 in 10 people worldwide each year & there are over 200 of these disease some mild, but others deadly..


Food Business Organizations must mandatory comply to the schedule 4 requirements as per Food Safety and Standard Act Rules and Regulations, Schedule 4. The clause states that personnel involved in handling food must be medically examined once in a year and record signed by registered medical practitioner will need to be maintained. The requirement addresses physical examination including skin, eyes, and test required for confirming any infectious and communicable diseases. It also states that all personnel must be compulsory inoculated against the enteric group of diseases. However, in case of an epidemic, all workers are to be vaccinated irrespective of the scheduled vaccination.




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