Winning Strategies for Sustainable Future
25 March 2021  |  CII Hive - Digital Conference Platform

Concept Note

The year 2020 is now a history and is best remembered to have reset the economic order of the world. Logistics and Supply chains dominated the discussions among all the stakeholders. May it be for essential supplies or life support equipment production, digitalization and innovation supported coordinated actions globally.

Futuristic enterprises focused on understanding customer needs better and develop extensive range of solutions using emerging technologies. Much of the emerging technologies in 2019 and 2020 were tested in controlled conditions. The winners are now ready in 2021 for full scale deployment in operating environment. The Post-COVID 19 demand recovery is expected to be “V” curved and therefore, the significance of digital strategy is critical for short and long run business success.

Four key areas may be examined by every enterprise – review of digital strategies in the new normal, recalibrating supply networks, restructuring supply chain partnerships and investments in promising digital technologies.

Digitalization is no more limited to business process automation; it is now part of every Government and key element of growth strategies in every business. This conference deliberates on rapidly evolving digital world with special emphasis on Logistics ecosystem. Technical sessions include

  • Building resilient and sustainable digital supply chains
  • New age global digital supply chain networks
  • Enhancing productivity with emerging digital ecosystem


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