CII hosts the Directors Guild program, a collaboration of industry leaders to provide mentoring to the board members. CII Directors Guild provides an opportunity to the existing and prospective board members and senior leadership to listen to the wisdom, learnings and hands on practical experiences by the governance experts and board members.

With above backdrop, CII is organising a 2 day ‘Directors Guild Program – Board Leadership Ruminations’ scheduled on 15 & 16 February 2022.

The key content driver of this initiative is imperative for each of the corporates to consciously rebuild and sustain stakeholder trust, focus on corporate sustainability, ESG, corporate digital responsibility, risk management and the role of the board, especially independent directors.

CII Directors Guild 2022 Chairs include Mr R Mukundan, Managing Director & CEO, Tata Chemicals Ltd, Mr Ajay Nanavati, Independent Director and Mr Atul Dhawan, Chairperson, Deloitte India.

National Foundation for Corporate Governance – a Ministry of Corporate Affairs led initiative is supporting the program.

Deloitte is the Principal Partner to the program and BSE IPF is the Exchange Partner.

Discussions at the Program will focus on below broad Themes:

  • Trust - Defining roles of the Board, the Chair and the CEO; Encouraging a climate of constructive challenge; Creating an inclusive culture
  • Role of Independent director- Group Governance - Significant role in preventing, detecting and responding to fraud; Position of IDs strengthened in Audit and Remuneration Committee; Limitation and challenges IDs face as part of their fiduciary responsibilities
  • Tech Trends – Cyber Distinction between corporate strategy and technology strategy is blurring-strategists are turning to strategic technology platforms equipped with advanced analytics, automation, and AI; Data Loss Prevention – Data privacy, confidentiality; Zero Trust Architecture- The future of identity and access
  • Climate change and ESG metrics - Cost of Climate Inaction; Decarbonization is a New Economic Engine; Stakeholder Opposition


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