CII National CSR Summit 2021


This year, CII National CSR Summit will host the conversation around the theme ‘Unprecedented times – Rewriting the path for CSR’.

As we know, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in India has evolved from being just a government mandate, to being core to corporate strategy and central to long term growth and sustenance of a corporate entity. The rationale of leveraging the enterprise and efficiencies of the corporate sector to solve socio-economic challenges of the country has not just worked well but also stood the test of unprecedented times witnessed by the country.

In this given context, this year the Summit will focus on CSR as a powerful tool for corporates to deliver on their social commitment, aligning their practice and approach to the regulatory framework and invigorate further development leading to true impact. The Summit through its sessions will bring to forefront completely new set of opportunities which could be further harnessed for the interests of corporate as well as the society and deliberate on leveraging the power of the collective more than ever before, to deepen acumen and mindful approach to CSR. As the lifecycle moves from the once important question on how much to investing in CSR, to now more pertinent one regarding the manner in which to invest in CSR to unlock benefits from an interdependent society, the Summit aims to convene a dialogue on corporate social responsibility becoming indispensable in accomplishing a balance between economy society and environment.  

The Summit will also honour and celebrate the achievements of grassroots women leaders and change makers, the CII Foundation Woman Exemplars, who have against all odds, excelled, and contributed significantly to the development process in India.

We have curated a series of sessions to hear from the thought leaders, the planners and the implementers on their ideas and approach to CSR. We see this as a day to listen, learn and exchange views.

Join us for the Annual CSR Summit on 8th December 2021