CII Wellness Summit 2022
Social Change Through Wellness

10th, October 2022 from 10.30 Hrs. Onwards on Virtual Platform 

Emotional wellness is just as important as your physical wellness. As we see the world today, stress and emotional imbalance are fast taking the center stage affecting our mental as well as physical health.

Our emotional, social, psychological well-being is how we make decisions, handle stress, and interact with others. Being emotionally balanced helps us keep our relationships strong, adjust to life's changes, and helps us deal with both Professional and Personal Life in a better manner.

The CII Wellness Summit 2022 will bring together all stakeholders to discuss on new horizons in wellness to bring in more awareness on Mental, Emotional, Preventive Health, Ayurveda and Sleep to bring in the social change through wellness and create a robust and resilient society while also building a solid foundation for your future generations.

Sessions at the Summit:

Inaugural Session

Session 1: Emotional and Mental Wellness for bringing in the change for overall wellbeing

Session 2: Wellness through Preventive Healthcare and Ayurveda

Session 3: Sleep a Key to Total Wellness


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