Welding is the core of modern technology and it has gone through a complete evolution today, following the utmost precedence that machines have garnered in our lives. There has been rapid development in the welding industry and innovative methods are being added almost every day. Welding is an ever-growing discipline that presents challenges and work opportunities for new generations of engineers. In India, welding contributes significantly to the GDP in several ways, such as welding intensive industries, auxiliary products, complementary goods, employment, and user industries.

There is a compounding shift and traditional welding technologies are accommodating digitalization and moving towards Intelligentized Welding. With advances in robotic technology, industry 4.0 production processes will continue to deliver superior quality outcomes and higher repeatability. The industry will aim at harnessing different processes that will improve the quality of welding raw materials and the final products.

The 3rd edition of the Weld-Tech Summit would cover the following topics :

Welding Industry in India – Perspective & Challenges

Latest Advancements / Technological Innovation in Welding Process & Equipment

Digital Transformation & Adoption of New Age Technologies

Industry 4.0 in Welding / Automation in Welding Processes

Recent development of robots in welding processes

Additive manufacturing / 3D Printing in Welding & Fabrication


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