The year 2020 is a landmark year as it will set the direction for much of our planet’s future. As parts of the world emerge from the Covid-19 pandemic, it is important to understand the complex interrelation between people, planet, and climate change. Technology, systems thinking, and innovative methods can enable decision makers to take action in a holistic way and chart a sustainable course for the next decade.

The 15th Sustainability Summit is designed to bring to fore ideas and thought leadership on shaping the coming decade by incorporating learnings from Covid-19 and reflecting on our past actions. The Summit will envision how our future will look like by deliberating on solutions that will shape our living, which is sustainable, fair and equitable.

The Summit will build on conversations around how technology and innovative methods can enable actions and change in the next decade. Rapid advancements in technologies and global connectivity are all around us. Technology can transform sectors rapidly; to increase productivity with lower emissions and waste. Innovative approaches are required by businesses and governments to deal with the crisis and harness the use of technology and align it with environmental and societal needs.

Parallelly, systems thinking can help understand the interrelation between people, planet and climate change and how a change in one can impact others. Decision makers can combine the three drivers to design and conceptualize actions that will take the world into a fulfilling next decade.


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