The COVID-19 pandemic has triggered not only a grave health crisis but also a severe global economic recession which has led to strong negative impacts on lives and businesses across countries. The impact of Covid-19 on individuals, businesses and society has clearly established a need for insurance solutions for any future pandemic risks. Insurance market in the past has provided solutions to many serious risks faced by the society like terrorism, cyber risks, natural calamity risks etc. and now the society is looking to the insurance market more than ever to find solution to this high impact risk. 

The fundamental purpose of the insurance industry has been to provide protection against the devastating impact of unforeseen events. With the ongoing pandemic, there is a pressing need for the insurance market to deliver a solution and strengthen the policyholders’ trust in the industry thereby preparing the country to fight against any such similar risks.

In this context, CII is organizing a Seminar on ‘Learnings from COVID 19 - Building a Pandemic Resilient Economy’ on 18 March 2021, from 1600 hrs on a virtual platform


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