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The rapid, global spread of COVID-19 has resulted in the worst economic shock in living memory. The unprecedented crisis presents unique challenges to companies operating across sectors as they struggle with evaporating demand and weakened consumer sentiments. Industries are grappling with structural changes as societies and economies pivot to the “Next Normal” and in an age of social distancing and associated restrictions, the world is now more digitally connected than ever before. As consumers cut back on discretionary spending, decision makers need to anticipate the emerging consumer, enabling them to tide through the current crisis and build the capabilities that future relevance will require. Consequently, marketers are now being forced to adapt by reinventing their marketing models that ensure sales and business continuity while leveraging business opportunities and new channels to reach the consumer. In an unprecedented situation subject to rapid change, CMOs need a proactive plan to adjust and adapt how they lead their teams, speak to their customers, and manage their brands.

To enable business leaders and marketing practitioners develop innovative solutions to these critical challenges, the CII-Suresh Neotia Centre of Excellence for Leadership is organizing the 4th edition of the “Marketing Leadership Summit” on 16th - 17th October, 2020. The Summit builds on the success of three earlier editions which were held between 2017 and 2019 and featured over 60 eminent speakers and thought leaders. This year, the Summit will be held on a virtual platform to highlight evolving marketing models in light of the dramatic changes that marketers are confronted with, and as a consequence, how marketers need to re-think marketing strategies to achieve their goals


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