Augmenting technologies like Cloud computing, artificial intelligence , machine learning algorithms, Data Analytics, India has implemented robust digital services ecosystem such as UPI, Aadhar based payments, digital wallets, Artificial intelligence based eKYCs using biometric authentications etc. While we have strengthened our policies and governance to protect our digital assets via Personal data protection and privacy bill, data localization etc. we must further leverage interoperable open source based cloud computing, distributed edge computing, 5G, FTTH and Satellite broadband for pan India connectivity to demonstrate global investors that India can lead the way to build global organisations (unicorns) at our own turf and will.. As per the Ministry of Information Technology (MEITY), India's digital economy is projected to grow from a meager 200 billion USD in 2017-18 to an astounding 1 trillion USD by the end of 2025.

Against this backdrop, Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) is organizing the India Talk on "Data Center" with the theme " Impact of 5G, IPv6, Satellite Broadband and AI/ML on Data Centers” on 7th  January 2021 over the Virtual Platform. The Objective of the programme is to further stimulating this growth, enabling the Data Center industry in India for fulfilling the country's ever-increasing digital requirements in a compliant and secure manner.


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