Air pollution imposes numerous social, economic, and health costs on India's citizens and her future generations. Reducing and then ending air pollution should be everybody's goal. Achieving this would require loads of human ingenuity along with participation of all stakeholders.

The India CEO Forum for Clean Air was established in 2019 under CII's Cleaner Air Better Life initiative with the purpose of getting business leaders to lead and drive action against air pollution in their respective sectors. The Forum aims to get voluntary commitments from Industry leaders for action on air pollution and to provide a platform for learning from peers and for pooling industry resources for high-impact projects that help in the mitigation of air pollution.

This conference by the India CEO Forum for Clean Air with support from the Clean Air Fund is meant to showcase and share the best practices being adopted by leading corporations in India towards mitigating air pollution caused by business operations. Case studies of successful private-public partnerships; from the villages of Punjab and cities of the Indo-Gangetic plains to the commercial capital of Central India; towards addressing air pollution and its causes in their respective regions will also be shared. Participants will get an overview of the initiatives and activities of the CEO Forum.

By demonstrating practical and scalable actions to achieving Clean Air and developing shared understanding amongst the different stakeholders, the conference will pave the way towards identifying and implementing many more similar projects across India.


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